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i’ve had any style you can think of and yarn braids are still my favorite.


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SanCopha League most definitely supports women with natural hair:) We’re back again with another style of natural hair. Again we LOVE all forms of braids and how they look on Women. Specifically, "Yarn Braids" also known as "Genie Locs" are a creative affordable style that is very sexy especially when worn well. Genie Locs are an excellent protective hair style being that the winter season is approaching. Yarn braids are relatively cheap to buy. “You can buy 1 or 2 packs of acrylic yarn not the wool one ( this can dry out your hair) and have enough to complete your whole head for anywhere between $5 to $7 or perhaps even less.”  Yarn Braids are becoming very popular amongst natural hair women.. You can get yarn twists, genie locs, or yarn braids they all look fine!
The beauty of African hairstyles is that they are so diverse and creative. Historically Africans were very proud of their hair Pre-Slavery/Pre-Colonization era. Furthermore many Africanisms and cultural practices have been maintained over the years, hairstyles like yarn braids/Genie locs are style that are influenced by the motherland. “Your natural hair, and your soft skin, and your big ayyyee in that sundress (oooh!) ”




How do you do yarn twists??

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I’m going to update this list as the episodes air.


the dancing dolls werkin’ it! 


I found a warehouse and took picz


Strawberry print circle skirt now up in the shop!

Photo by Klaudia Debek